• Innovative supply chain management solutions for the largest retailers nationwide.
  • The Industry Leader

    We offer a complete suite of transportation services. With disciplined people, strong traditions and values, our focus lies in the realm of building long-term relationships with our highly valued clients and our employees.

    Now Hiring

    Our journey to provide the best services wouldn’t be complete without the people who help make it happen. That’s why we don’t just hire the best people on our team; we create more opportunities for success everywhere we can.

    Corporate Responsibility

    By being a responsible corporate leader through the years, we've instituted a number of unique programs designed to positively affect our employees and client experiences.

  • We're Experts in Efficiency

    At Merit, we take pride in helping the nation’s largest retailers succeed by providing them with superior logistics services at the lowest possible cost.

    On the surface, your business operations may seem fine. However, a lack of apparent problems could be masking average productivity—or encouraging its acceptance. With Merit, you get a partner dedicated to excellence. We raise the bar everywhere we go!